With the number of consumers using mobiles to search the internet growing ten times the rate of desktop, businesses that do not have a mobile friendly site could stand to lose up to 1/3rd of their traffic.

At Open Path we specialise in optimising websites for mobile and SEO purposes, and can help you achieve mobile optimisation in no time at all.

What is mobile friendly?

Mobile friendly just means that when users access your website from their phone, the website must be optimised for an easily usable experience. For example, when running this mobile friendly test on your website, google is checking for some of the following:

– that your text sizes are readable without tapping or zooming

– that the content fits the screen so zooming or scrolling isn’t necessary

– that the links aren’t too close together (to make it comfortable to click on links)

Why mobile is important for your business

Mobile Traffic

According to Ofcom, Smartphones are now the UK internet users number one device. If you’re not optimised, you’re missing out.

Sell More

Mobile friendly websites generate more leads. If people have a good experience, they’re more likely to convert.


Google takes into account the mobile experience on your mobile when deciding whether to show it in organic search.

Different Needs

Mobile visitors have different reasons for visiting than those on desktop. Prioritising the right content on mobile gives your customers a better experience.

If you’re interested in giving your customers a better experience, talk to us. We’ll help you understand what’s important to your website visitors and how to optimise your website to generate more business.

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